Song of Unborn

Song of Unborn is a collection of ancient Hindu prayers set to original compositions by Vistar- Seegla Brecher, musically produced and arranged by Shai Dayan.

Chosen with love and care these lyrical texts represent the glory and essence of Hindu non-dualistic philosophy.

Be it the famous Gayatri mantra: "O Lord absolute bliss We meditate on you, the source creator We pray to you, O purity O light, Enlighten our minds, purify our minds, Lead us to you, lead us to you."

And the beautiful prayer of Shankaracharya: "I am the witness of all pairs of opposites. I am immovable, I am eternal. I am the witness of everything. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless."
- Brahmgyannvalli stotram

Drawing upon Indian classical, jazz and middle eastern musical traditions, this cd reflects a universal joyful expression inherent in our collective inspirations.


Here is a sample clip from Song of Unborn.
Track 2 - Nirvan Ashtakam by Vistar


Vistar-Seegla Brecher - vocals, musical arrangement
Shai Dayan - musical production, arrangements, recording and mixing, keyboards, percussion, bass, guitar and vocals
Milan-Nikita Koodrin - vocals
Nishant Gautam - bansuriya, bamboo flute
Peter Follett - santur
Noor Dayan-Argov - background vocals
Cameo appearance by Daria Dayan-Argov

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