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Vistar has lived in the Indian Himalayas for thirty-five years as a teacher, meditator and practitioner of Advaita-Vedanta, the philosophy of non-dualism. She has studied Indian classical music for over fifteen years and she earned an MA in Indian classical voice. Vistar is the recipient of the Shastri Publication Grant 2018 from the Indo Canadian Shastri institute for her text: The Avadhoot Gita of Dattatraya: Song of the Unborn.

Her musical recordings are the culmination of two profound inspirations: her in-depth study and practice of the philosophy of Oneness and her love of music that promotes and is conducive to meditation and peace.

Vistar teaches Advaita Vedanta, meditation, chanting and Indian classical music in many parts of the world.


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Here is a sample clip from Song of Unborn.
Track 1 - Morning Prayer by Vistar

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