"Vistar's music provides a rich blend of classical Indian music combined with experimental instrumentation. Her melodies are both enchanting and profound. Both Rahasya Geet and Amrit Darshan have a consistent sound, but are also unique and elegant in their own way. I didn't really think that Rahasya Geet could be improved upon, but I could see a definite evolution of sophistication in Amrit Darshan. Both albums are an exquisite aid to meditation, and I use them both to help me settle into a blissful mood."
—Aaron Carson (artist, Canada)

*   *   *

"Amrit Darshan is a beautiful spacey CD! Each section quite different in arrangement. I really enjoyed the music. Lovely voice. Amazing!"
Martha RadleyWalters (teacher, Sanskrit scholar, Canada)

*   *   *

"Amrit Darshan is a beautiful classical-spiritual rendition of chapter 3 of the Avdhoot Gita. This is an exquisite ancient Sanskrit text on liberation. I found the original music to be highly conducive to meditation. The English poetry enabled me to understand the meaning, and I loved hearing the sound of the original Sanskrit. Vistar-Seegla and Shai Dayan's voices blend in subtle, mellifluous harmonies. Highly recommended."
—Jennifer d'Elysees (writer, Canada)

*   *   *

"Rahasya Geet and Amrit Darshan are a unique fusion of classical Indian and Middle Eastern music. Vistar's excellence in technique has culminated in this creative and original musical delight.

Due to her profound experience in meditative states, Vistar knows exactly how to create a deep musical atmosphere for meditation. Her grasp of the essence of Avadhoot Gita is conveyed in the bhav of her music. Her original melodies portray her one-pointed devotion to the highest knowledge. She lives the freedom expressed in the Avadhoot Script – “Free am I, free am I.”

Interesting and subtle musical arrangements by Shai Dayan, Aarsee Prassaad and Lalit – masters of subtlety in their musical talent – we experience the outcome of such great souls coming together.

I am sure Vistar's musical genius will travel far and wide bringing the message of freedom to all who have the privilege of hearing this wonderful music."
—Dr. Rebecca Williams (homeopath, New Zealand)

*   *   *

"At the recommendation of a friend I purchased last week Amrit Darshan by Vistar. The music can only be described as heavenly. Vistar has a mature, deep voice which coveys perfectly the sense and space of the immortal verses of the Avadhoot Dattatreya, the Free Being. I have read several English renditions of this text and the translation provided with the CD is among the best of them. Unfortunately, I do not understand Sanskrit and therefore, while getting a sense of the meaning, I have always missed the poetical aspect of this beautiful scripture. Thanks to Vistar and her musical collaboration with Shai Dayan, I am now able to fill this void. Read the provided English translation of the Avadhoot, listen to the tracks and in no time at all, you will be carried by sound and meaning to the infinite space that is you, that is me, that is all."
—Gadi Karmi, PhD (Computer Engineering)

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