Vistar is teaching private
and group classes

The Advaita Philosophy of Avadhoot Gita

Vistar has lived, studied, contemplated and taught Advaita philosophy in the Indian Himalayas for the past thirty five years. This has inspired her to translate the Sanskrit text of the Avadhoot Gita of Dattatraya into English poetic verse, as well as a word for word Sanskrit-English translation.

The title of this work is The Avadhoot Gita of Dattatatraya:

Song of the Unborn

The Avadhoot Gita, written by the Indian mystic, Dattatraya, who is believed to have lived in Mysore in the ninth century, has been sung by sages for centuries.

The poetry is reminiscent of the mystical writings of Rumi, Hafiz and Gibran.

Dattatraya poses the eternal questions of the seeker: Who am I? Who experiences joy and sorrow? For whom do I weep? In the answers, the Absolute is revealed. The Avadhoot, who has shaken off worldly ties, is a liberated soul.

In this poem, Dattatraya presents his awareness, which transcends human experience, becoming absorbed in the Self. This meditative exploration aspires to unfold within the reader the direct experience of what the audience describes.

The classes will comprise of study, discussion and contemplation of the text as well as guided meditation.


Indian Classical Voice

Vistar has earned her BA and MA in Indian classical voice from Pracheen Kala Kendra, an affiliate of Punjab University, Chandigarh, India.

She has taught Indian classical voice and performed in concerts in India, Canada and Israel for twenty five years.

Collaborating with musicians worldwide she has produced three digital recordings, comprising ancient Hindu texts, set to her original compositions.

Included in these compositions. are four chapters of the above mentioned Avadhoot Gita.

Classes will include study of Ragas and musical theory.

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