Rahasya Geet    Mystic Song

This is a compilation of original compositions by Vistar, produced and recorded with fellow musicians in the northern Himalayas. All these are rooted in the Indian Classical tradition with Middle Eastern and Western influences undoubtedly seeping in. The poetry of Swami Shyam, and the ancient text of Avadhoot Gita, capture the essence of the knowledge of the Self, as well as expressing the deepest yearnings of the aspirant for liberation.

The fusion of guitar, bamboo flute, Indian percussion, tabla and keyboards create a wonderfully unquie sound.

Rahasya Geet is the fruition of twenty seven years of spiritual and musical practice. All the compositions are of, and for, the meditative blissful state. The wonderful musicians contributing to this project are from an assortment of Indian Classical, Folk and Jazz traditions. All contributed their talents with loving and open hearts.


Here is a sample clip from Rahasya Geet.



Vocals & Tanpura - Vistar
Guitars & Musical Arrangments - Lalit
Percussion - Aarsee Prasaad
Bansuri Flute - Nishant Gautam
Tabla - Jitendra Thakur, Vidhyanath Sagar Sharma
Electric Guitar - Peeyush
Keyboards - Dattaa
Background Vocals - Asheesh

All proceeds will go to the visually impaired children of the Chander Abha Memorial School.


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